Painting the culture with code, one game at a time


A little about us

We are an indie studio hell bent on and hungry for making games
At Bizarre Game Studios, we work to shape the next generation of games in a way which aims at moulding the gaming industry and with it the way the artificial intelligence takes over.

Based in New Delhi, India, BGS focuses to revolutionize the Gaming Standards in India
and with it the gaming community in the world.

We work to establish our roots properly in the gaming industry and get some trademark products. With time, we plan to move over to making games for PCs and consoles along with smart portable gadgets that can be integrated with games.

The era of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is upcoming and we wish to be an active contributer to bring it forth upon us as a race.


The people working behind the skull logo to create awesome stuff.

Suryank Tiwari

Developer, Designer

Mohammad Hashim


Hemant Singh

Game Designer, Designer

Aditya Chawla

Web Developer

Neeraj Kumar

Sound Artist, Embedded Engineer

Aksha Rakra

Artist, Level Designer

Shubham Ahlawat

Artist, 3D Designer

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